Valley of Meuse

We take you with our donkeys to the place of your choice:

- Valley of Meuse, green way,...

- Valley of Semoy

- Lake of Vieilles Forges

- Forest of Signy l'Abbaye

- ...


We are training you regarding the handling of the packsaddle, approach to the donkey, the handling and then you can start.

Minimum location period: 1 day


Prices for the place of your choice: 70 € / 1 donkey for all the day (100 € / 2 donkeys), trip radius +/- 30 km around Vaux-Villaine (back and forth)…. Other arrangements upon request.


IGN maps and compass can be borrowed with topographic information on request.




Attention: maximum weight for donkey: 40 kg

Lake of Vieilles Forges